Stork Embroidery Scissors

Stork Embroidery Scissors

Gilt edged  Embroidery Scissors by Janome, they come in a handy pouch,

Measurements: 3.5inch or 9cm.

Ever wondered why some embroidery scissors are fashioned on birds. It's an interesting story, the original stork scissors were not actually scissors, but clamps used by midwives in the 1800s to tie off the umbilical cord after a woman gave birth. The original beaks were offset, rather than straight, rounded instead of pointed, and the blades were dull, not for cutting cloth or threads. Midwives often did needlework in their spare time or during a long labour and kept their medical tools handy in their sewing baskets. Over time, the storks morphed into the scissors we know and love today. I look at mine in a different light now and with a bit more respect.

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