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January 23, 2018

Wimborne Black Swan

Walking along a River path near where I used to live, “Longham” one day minding my own business I heard a strange sound, surprised I looked up to see on the water a Black Swan, must be an escapee I thought, for years I took an interest in our usual neighbor on walks, watching his solitary life and feeling a pang of sorrow for his lonely condition, then I started to notice he wasn’t around anymore, that was until one day I was driving near a Town, “Wimborne”, four miles away and glanced over and saw in a river meadow a Black Swan, must be my Black Swan, right, but better then that, there were two of them, mystery, but delighted, he’s no longer alone.

I don’t live in the area anymore but when I go back from time to time to see friends I look out for him, so when I was given a brief for a kit design,

Cobs And Rushes By Night was born.

I was delighted to think of my old friend again and we decided to go on a Melbury Hill pilgrimage to find him and hopefully his mate too, walking over muddy fields and river banks for miles we got to the place I knew he was sighted, and yes, found him or she, I never could tell, but we saw just the one now, but he seemed to be accepted by the White Swans in the area.

I suspect, years from now I will always look out for my little Black Swan and remember My life before in Longham and the many happy times there.


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